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Facebook Loses Out Store Net Neutrality Wars in India; Losers Free Basics Program Battle


Facebook seems to be having a tough time convincing Indian apologies about its free basic program.

The problem was aimed at making the Internet available to people even in the remotest of areas and with the lowest budget so that various portals like education and jobs would be available to Indian Souza free basics programming easily.

Apparently this attracted the angle of the telecom companies and Internet service providers who were not interested in compromising to allow this thing to happen.

Just while this fight was on, the free basic program was shut out by the Indian government.

Although the free basic program was completely aimed at providing the best Services to Internet users with lower back hurts, the government seems that is strongly violates the principles of net neutrality.

The net neutrality factor has been a bone of contention with various important websites and providers Around The World. Recently we have seen T-Mobile in America and Verizon in America as well come under this scrutiny.

Facebook has also taken the criticism from places across the world. It is true that the program was indeed very well thought of but providing an advantage to some people over the others isn’t really the way the Indian government would like to work.

This program has been heavily criticised even in other developing countries where it was launched.

Billboards across the country which campaign heavily about the program were ignored and to come back to them holes of advertisement across Internet and on other billboards asking people to stand up against the free basic program and fight against the violation of net neutrality came into picture.

What was even more concerning was that only those people who had signed up to promote their business through the free basics participation program would be able to promote their business through Facebook under this arrangement.

For those who have not signed up Facebook advertisement stroke this program would be out of bounds. Telecom companies would also be able to remove it out of the data cabs, which was another source of dissatisfaction to Indian authorities.

Seems like Facebook will have to try harder than this to be able to provide the world with what they really want.