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Facebook Messenger Branded As The Fastest Growing App Of 2015


Facebook Messenger has been around for quite some time now.

The application has become one of the favorites of people because it saves them from the hassle of leading the whole Facebook page.

This is the main reason why most users who use facebook generally like to keep the Messenger close at hand.

According to a recent report released over the internet by analytics firm Neilsen, the social networking site’s app has shown the highest degree of growth as compared to most other apps.

The report clearly stated how the app has been able to surpass even the most popular app WhatsApp in terms of growth. WhatsApp is also owned by Facebook and currently owns about 900 million active users.

Even though Facebook Messenger is about a 100 million users short of WhatsApp’s user base, at about 800 million plus, the application still showed a massive growth.

Perhaps one reason why the application lags behind WhatsApp is because people associate Facebook Messenger with Facebook.

Only a very few percentage of people actually use Facebook for work; most use it generally to keep in touch with friends.

On the contrary, WhatsApp is something that people use even to exchange work related information and is also a cost effective way of doing so, without distractions of status message alerts or random picture posts, unless of course the group is dedicated to doing so.

But for Facebook, people are of the strong belief that they can use this app only for the purpose of chatting with friends.

According to the head of Facebook Messenger, David Marcus, the company is aiming at changing what people think of this app to be – just an app you switch on to keep in touch with your besties.

Of course, there is no saying of the amount of money the giant will generate out of advertisements that the app will bug you with; this is expected to be more than what is being generated at the current moment, as the user base of Facebook, that surpasses the 1.5 billion mark is also growing.

The application nevertheless showed great growth because unlike WhatsApp, it did not keep its scope of services restricted to messaging and calling.

Apart from these services and selling ads, it lets users book rides on UBER through the app.

Asides, a digital assistant called M is being tested and will be launched too. Facebook lets you send money to your friends provided you are both in US.

These are a few features that might have contributed to the growth of the app.

If all goes well, the messenger will take WhatsApp down from the lead position in no time.