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Facebook Messenger Celebrates March Madness With “Secret” Basketball Game


With the NCAA March Madness going on in full swing, many brands have been chiming in and seeing this as an opportunity for topical content.

Facebook has been one of the biggest brands to tap into the NCAA March Madness, and has come out with a latest innovation for their Facebook Messenger application, as the company has inserted a game in the messenger – a secret basketball game for the users of the Facebook Messenger.

Facebook has been pushing towards promoting their apps more than ever before. The company is probably planning towards building their own ecosystem of applications similar to what Google has been doing with their apps. With the main Facebook application, the Facebook Messenger, Moments, as well as Instagram and WhatsApp, the company might be eyeing at bigger things in the future, who knows where it might lead towards once Facebook M is released for the public.

The latest Facebook Messenger update brings out a basketball game in the messenger, which could be started off by sending the basketball emoji to a friend in chat. The game is very simple and it is all about getting the ball pass through the hoop.

However, the game gets harder as you progress, as the basket starts to move after ten hoops. Let us also warn you beforehand – the game is very addictive! The game arrived to the Facebook Messenger on the update which came out on 16th of March.

In that changelog, the company wrote – “Shoot Some Hoops: Want to see what’s hiding behind the basketball emoji in Messenger? Just send one and tap to find out!”

The game does not have any scoreboards, but the users can see their current score. However, one can always click screenshots to brag!

However, while you are on a shooting spree and are breaking all previous records, keep in mind that if you happen to miss a hoop, your game will start from the scratch and you will have to play it all over again. Facebook is introducing these brilliant small innovations from time to time in order to maintain the user interest.

Facebook Messenger has been getting these updates from time to time. A few weeks ago Facebook users had found out that there is a way they can play chess in the Facebook messenger. These small innovations help the company in the long run.