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Facebook Messenger Introduces Customization Of Chats: Know The Details


Facebook has been very busy come the end of the year 2015. With constant updates to its Messenger app, facebook is grabbing all the headlines in the recent weeks in the information technology field. When the facebook messenger app was introduced, it created a firm stir among the users. It was said and deemed unnecessary to create a whole new app just to chat through facebook, but as the time went by more than 700 million active users monthly are using the app. It looks like people have just accepted the fact of having to use a different app to message their facebook friends. facebook-messenger

Facebook was deemed the biggest social networking site in the world consisting in the north of 1.2 billion users. Facebook have been busy with adding big and important features to its messenger app lately. Some of them include hiring an Uber cab from right within the messenger application without having to leave the conversation, you can also track and pay for your ride right in the messenger app.

Another one of the most recent big updates was the Photo Magic face recognition feature. Now with the help of the Photo Magic face recognition feature you just need to give access of your phone gallery to the Photo Magic and it will suggest you what photos to send whom. This app is very useful to the people who forget to share photos with friends after a party or a get together. The Photo Magic face recognition feature could not have been launched by facebook at a better time than the festive season. One would think during this season there would be a lot of sharing photos.

The latest update for the Facebook Messenger app allows you to change colors of the chat bubbles of your conversations to your convenience. You can choose different colors for different chats using this feature. The latest update also allows you to give your close friends and family their own nicknames! Yes you heard it right, now you can give nicknames to people without them resisting. This latest feature also has some winter tricks thrown in! Android users will see snowflakes on any chat head which is open on the screen. More so Facebook makes sure it will snow right in the conversation window if there is any mention of Santa, Christmas tree or any snow related emoji or sticker.