Facebook Messenger Kids Comes to Canada!

Canadian children can now download Facebook Messenger Kids, a program that allows children send messages and make video calls under their parents’ supervision. The platform premiered in the USA at 2017, but only became available in Canada on Friday. The program was met with controversy in the United States, in which mental health experts and pediatric groups have warned that instant messaging programs aren’t suitable for young children.

Here’s what you need to understand concerning Messenger Kids.

In accordance with Facebook, the program is designed for children aged six to 12. It helps kids to communicate online with friends and family without producing a Facebook accounts, which are only available for kids aged 13 or older.

What are the parental controls?

Parents have complete control over their children’s contact lists and may pick you can and can’t communicate together. Parents should also initiate all contact requests and children’ messages can’t be hidden or deleted. Parent-approved adults may message children through their regular Messenger program. Parents may also create on and off times for your app via a”Sleep Mode” function.

Just how much control do kids have?

While parents maintain the reigns over their children’s accounts, kids have the capability to block contacts and report bullying or other forms of inappropriate behaviour.

What’s the controversy?

Following the program was launched at the U.S. this past year, it had been met with a storm of criticism. In an open letter dated Jan. 30, dozens of mental health and pediatric experts urged Facebook to stop the program, stating that excessive social media use can negatively impact children’s emotional and physical growth.

What type of advertising is involved?

It’s Ad-Free! WOW!

Which devices support the app?

The program can be found on most Apple, Android and Amazon apparatus.

Any kid-friendly features?

The program is chockfull of kid-appropriate stickers, GIFs, masks and frames.

Tevaughn Bedard
Tevaughn Bedard
Tevaughn Is a self processed nerd from Toronto. Tevaughn is now in Ottawa and has written for Maclean's, Motherboard, the National Post, and the Literary Review of Canada. In his spare time, he plays AC/DC on the ukulele and does psychic readings for B-grade celebrities.

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