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Facebook New Feature May Improve Your Social life


Facebook helps in connecting you with your family and friends, then it made very much easy for your friends to let them know in which party or event the user is going in. But know Facebook has just updated a new feature, like it will now become user personalized and official party planner.

According to various reports, the users who owe an iPhone will be in luck, now as per new update the user will able to browse the events and notifications in a very precise manner.

Now the user will be able to specify in which event they are going to and where will be they today, tonight, or next month or next week,  the user may give a command by saying Performing Arts to narrow down their search, according to the location of the user, Facebook will help the user in finding up the nearest location of the event.

There is a list or we can say a section where all the events are listed, which is based upon the users Profile, which is not good for everyone but cool for others.

One new feature from the update is the events in which the user is going in, is based on the users match, apart from this the users will get many options of purchasing the tickets of that event, and with prior permission of the user Facebook will create an notification for other events too.

According to the reports, the event feature is being used by more than 450 million users, and Facebook keeps a track record and then suggest the event for that particular user according to their matches and styles. The Facebook even allows user to tap on the corner side of the event list and allows the user to open up the list for the upcoming events.

So if the users haven’t made any plans, then no problem as Facebook gives you a cover and will surely be giving you a list of events with proper notification, option to buy the tickets online as well, which will be fully secured payment gateway and the users will surely be enjoying the list of events according to their matches they can choose and enjoy New year’s eve.

Facebook is giving such new updates monthly, what’s next for this year end?

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