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Facebook News Feed Sees a Major Face-lift


Facebook, the social networking giant likes to change its user interface from time to time in order to make new features work for users.

When Facebook was in its early days, the interface was drab white and blue only and has very basic features.

Now we are able to see so much more on the Facebook page that the experience is completely different.

Starting from the way the posts are presented to the automatic play of videos when you scroll down to them the feed on the Facebook page has proven to be something that every person would be comfortable to use.

Facebook feels that it is far from  perfection and will not stop at simple changes on the interface. Yet again Facebook has updated the news feed by making changes in the algorithms to make posts more relevant for users.

In the new changes Facebook has made efforts to study the users preferences based on his browsing history, choice of pages, frequency of visits to liked pages and frequency of interaction with certain friend.

These behavioral patterns Facebook is able to determine what a user likes or does not like and accordingly puts forth pages in the news feed so the user finds it more conducive to his tastes.

Some of this post arrangement would also be based on what Facebook thinks might be a possibility for a user to like. Stories that Facebook thinks would rank better would be placed higher in the news feed.

A lot of these probabilities are actually inferred from surveys that are done from websites that often acts as feedback for the websites to work on.

In the words of Facebook this practice is termed as the Feed Quality Panel. Each day thousands of people are surveyed and feedback is taken accordingly.

If you are a Facebook page holder and are worried that these policy changes might push your page rating down, then you have no cause of worry.

Facebook has confirmed that the update would not in any way harm the traffic that are intended to reach the pages.

There is of course a catch here, if the pages are either not relevant or if the content is found abusive in any way Facebook might choose to remove it all together or push the post really down in the persons news feed.