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Facebook Releases Photo Magic For Face Recognition:


Facebook from being initially as an exclusive network just for Harvard students have came a long long way. Since the time of its origin the company has grown and grown through the world. In the world of social networking websites Facebook is undoubtedly the numero uno of the social networking world. Being declared as the world’s largest social networking website with a whopping 1.39 billion monthly active user’s world wide Facebook has left all its competition behind.

Facebook’s sole purpose was to bring people together. No matter how far they might be but they are just a click or a scroll away from their loved ones, thanks to Facebook. facebook-messenger

With already full of features Facebook is certainly not settling or stopping from expanding and exploring new possibilities any time soon that’s for sure. In the beginning of the year 2015 Facebook removed messaging altogether from its man application and forced its users to install the ‘Messenger’ application in order to message within the website. This created outrage amongst the users, but with more than 700 million monthly active users on Messenger one can assume the people have accepted the Messenger.

Facebook is constantly updating the Messenger with grand and brand new features so it seems like Facebook had a plan all along what they were going to do with a different application.

Just recently Facebook integrated the on demand Uber cab service in the Messenger. Facebook are not stopping there they have released a face recognition feature on the Messenger. The releases are pouring in for Facebook’s Messenger service.

The social networking website has announced that we can share more during the festive season with our friends and family. Facebook has launched its Photo Magic Face Recognition tool worldwide (except for Canada and the European Union) to help you in sending the right photos to the right people.

The Photo Magic Face Recognition tool which is introduced by Facebook in its Messenger service will scan through your camera roll and suggest you photos to send and share. Given the festive timing of the release of this feature there could not be a better time for this feature to be available for the people.