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Facebook Replies To China’s Strict Censorship With Tor, Hopes To Bypass The Ban


Iranians and the Chinese finally have some reason to rejoice – Facebook has tried its best to have them back on board.

The world is aware of the strict internet regulation policies in some countries across the globe.

The users of the internet messaging sites here are constantly  plagued by the cyber police of these countries and will always face restrictions and bans.

Something like this had befallen the Chinese and the Iranians in terms of Facebook usage.

However, this is now the past, because Facebook has come up with an application that has bypassed the censors in these places and will be able to provide access to the users to use the Facebook messenger application.

Put together, there are about 1.4 billion users in China and Iran alone and internet restrictions mean that the social giant is losing out on major traffic.

This has driven the company to a point at which it has been forced to formulate methods to have these people aboard again. These countries are merely examples.

There are a lot others that Facebook is trying to reach, particularly in the gulf countries where access is banned.

This feature, also termed as Tor, aims at bypassing the censorship on the cell phone networks. This tool is made especially for the people in these strict regimes to be anonymous while accessing the internet so that no troubles are faced.

Tor and Facebook both are on the same page in terms of objectives and their pact starts out this week.

The new feature, Tor will be able to encrypt signals and instead of sending them straight across, will actually be bouncing signals around the world before delivering it, so that the source is actually not traced.

Censors while surfing the internet are successfully avoided this way, as the app is able to hide the location of your device, be it a mobile phone or a computer.

This way, a normal user with normal needs in these areas can access the internet freely without the fear of punishment.

Tor along with its mobile counterpart app known as Orbot are all going to be aimed at providing free access to the people around the globe, particularly in those with restrictions.