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Facebook to build ‘sports stadium’helps fans join conversations


Facebook Sports Stadium will be quite something, it will start from the NFL’s conference championship games then it will be available for Super Bowl and after that, the sports product by the social media giant will be looking to cover almost all the major sporting events happening around the world.

Facebook has over 650 Million sports fans out of a total of 1.55 Billion users. It is already a natural place for the sports fans to converse passionately about almost every single tackle, pass or a goal.

Dan Reed from Facebook has stated that sports has been social since the beginning of time, it is inherently social. He further added that while watching a sporting event you root against or for a particular team, and he mentions that interaction about what is going on in the field is essential. He adds, “Now through Facebook, we can have that same interaction happening on a global scale”.

Facebook, last year launched something called a “Trending Super Bowl”. It was a conversation and also an experiment as of how would people react to sport themed conversations. A whopping 65 Million people joined in the conversations and that was the point where Facebook decided to buildtheir first ever fully fledged sports product.

Reed further says, “When we see the interactions, we see the passion, if anyone enters in to that experience they will witness a range of emotions, memes going around, trash talk, etc. Reed gave an example that the same things happening at a sports bar or a stadium is happening on Facebook which helps people who cannot go to those places to interact as if they were right there.

The Facebook Sports Stadium will feature a live score and a game clock at the top of the page. There are four tabs under the score board, they are, Stats, Matchup, Friends and Experts.

“Matchup” will provide a summary of what has been going on in the game for example, the scoring summary and most recent plays.

“Friends” is a feed about what the friends of the users are saying about the game.

“Experts” is pretty self explanatory. This will feature commentary from verified pages which will include athletes, journalists and even the celebrities.

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