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Facebook Turns To Ireland For Opening Yet Another Data Centre


Facebook has recently announced that it has again chosen Ireland to be the venue for its next data centre.

Having declared Ireland as its head quarters back in 2009, the company has not decided to take things ahead with the country and has planned new ventures in this area.

The Dublin, in Clonee, County Meath area has been picked for this new event and it will be responsible for generating more jobs than before.

This is not the first data centre that the company has launched in Europe; the first one was launched in 2013 but not it in the same area. The centre was in Lulea, Switzerland. This time, Facebook has focused on Ireland for its centre.

The Clonee data centre is said to be alost 31,000 square meters and is planned in such a way that it would be a completely eco-friendly zone.

100 percent renewable energy is in the charts for this building as it will be built under the Open Compute Program, which is dedicated towards making use of the energy sources like wind or tidal energy, that are practically never ending sources and are completely clean, not contributing to the green house effect.

According to Facebook native Tom Furlong, almost half the data centre is expected to be powered by these alternate sources of energy, particularly with the ‘chilled Nordic air’.

He also mentioned that chances were pretty high that the building would be completely operational by the close of 2018.

About 2000 construction related jobs are going to be created this way and in about five months, the scaffolding should begin. Almost 200 million Euros will be required for this facility to be completely built and furninshed.

Furlong was pretty pleased when he wrote in his blog post, that this centre would be the second Irish venture the company had.

This was necessary as Facebook is now not just limited to itself, but has expanded the scop of ownership to various other sites, like WhatsApp and Instagram, both of which are highly popular social networking sites.

Billions of users will be be able to connect seamlessly with their friends over Facebook, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram when this centre comes up.