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Facebook Update: FB Will work on Offline Mode Too


As we all know Facebook is one of the most popular social networking site, where we make new friends and connect with our family and friends, it provide the users to create their own profile, add image, send and accept friend requests and many other features too like photo tagging and sharing and many more things to do.

Will all these features, Facebook has announced it’s new features, that they will be rolling or presenting out the new technology that will allow the users even on slow mobile connections  when they can’t reach Facebook servers, but by this new update, the users will able to see their news and new stories.

The other best feature is that users will able to comment on the posts even when they are offline, and those comments will be automatically posted when the connection will return.

According to the company, their main goal is to provide better features for those who use 2G connections and run facebook on their phones.

As we all know that news feed is the most important thing on Facebook app, that’s the reason in keeping everything in mind, Facebook has introduced this new feature so that the users need not to wait for the stories to be loaded.

And these days Facebook is busy in testing an update where it will look all the previous downloaded stories present on the users phone, then will rank them based on related stuffs.

And this how, the users app will show them the new stories, the stories which the user has already downloaded but didn’t reached the user by scrolling further down the users news feed. At the end the user will experience better things in news feed as they will not wait for the news to be loaded, they will just see the post directly. After that as soon as the user connection will return, Facebook will be automatically loading the stories normally.

Facebook will also keep in mind about the users, like when the users will be downloading full stories, and as soon as the connection will lack, they can find the relevant stories.

In past the users were able to like or share post when the users use to be offline, but with this new update the users will be able to comment as will as they can post too.

These comment will not be posted technically until the user doesn’t comes online, but still it helps the user to prepare for the comments for that period of time, as well the user will get the feeling, as if they are using normally, inspite of connection lack.

Many people don’t have internet access in today’s world and many of them don’t have the proper networks, big companies like Google and Facebook working out on these areas in a very good way, as more and more people are using web services, so there should be proper connections for them so that they can also take benefits.

According to the market, majority of the people are quitting PC’s and switching over latest mobile devices, keeping this in mind only Facebook has updated  such a good feature for the users who don’t have proper connections in their areas.

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