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Facebook Updates – Adds Listen and Scroll and Music Stories Feature


As we all know Facebook is one of the most popular social networking site, where we make new friends and connect with our family and friends, it provide the users to create their own profile, add image, send and accept friend requests and many other features too like photo tagging and sharing and many more things to do.

On Thursday Facebook announced that it has expanded its new features like Music Stories feature and also added some new features like Listen & Scroll in its app.

This feature was launched last month, now will support 30 seconds music previews also streamed from Napster, Rhapsody, Deezer and KK-BOX, Taiwan based streaming service, it also includes audio steaming from (NPR) National Public Radio, and it has also introduced, listen and Scroll function, that lets user listen to audio which are feed from these services while browsing content in the app.

This function is only available for Android and according to reports it will reach to Android devices as well by next month, but the Web Interface will not receive Listen and Scroll, as according to Michael Cerda.

The music stories,  was launched last month, till now it had integration with only two streaming apps- Apple music and spotify. By using this feature, a user who is listening to a song on website while streaming will have the option of share and then copy.

The user will then be having the option of pasting it on Facebook and also the user can comment and the other great feature is the users friends could also see the post and also with options to hear songs.

The new feature, of Music stories is that it can expand forms of content at Facebook, which allows more than 1.5 billion users to share messages, videos and photos.

The company has also introduced the Magic feature to other regions as well and also has facial recognition, algorithms, Photo Magic identifies people in photos and users may also create group to share the particular photo with other user.

The user will have also the option to tap on send or cancel to discard the message or image.