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Facebook Updates More Control on Viral Content in News Feed



Facebook has of late become even more user centric than what it was earlier.

It has now come up with a great idea of trying to have users decide whether they consider if a post could be viral or not.

What we consider as viral and interesting, might seem fake or disturbing to the others.

By having posts regularly not catering to your interests, you could slowly start coming to a conclusion that the website may just be shallow or inappropriate for you.

Finally, you’d stop visiting the website because it just does not appeal to you anymore.

Technically, this is exactly what not just Facebook, but all other websites on the internet actually fear – the loss of interest from users.

Some could just wander off to a competitor and find just what they want there.

In turn, this user will recommend the competitor to other friends, who would again influence more people.

So in short, by pushing away one user, a website makes way for its competitor to succeed.

Along these lines, Facebook has decided that it will grant users the power to decide which post is to be tagged as viral or trending.

A number of surveys would be conducted by Facebook and a user would be questioned if he would chose the viral post or another post to appear on the News Feed.

If users pick the other post, then Facebook would understand that the viral story isn’t really that viral after all, and that merely some clicks and shares have enabled the post to move up the ladder.

This initiative was taken after Facebook learnt that users were not always keen on seeing ‘viral’ posts as most of these posts are nothing but fake stories being promoted around the internet to misguide people.

These users have expressed interests in real stories and news from around the world when they were surveyed by the Social networking website.

So the bottom line was that if the users chose the other post over the viral one then it would move down in significance and appear less on the pages of people, but if people preferred the viral post then its position on the page would be retained.

Facebook has also assured the publishers of posts that it would not really matter a lot because widely Viral content would only appear on few occasions.