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Facebook – Why This Brand Is Going To Emerge As The Sole Brand In Future


Facebook is the social networking site that everyone knows of. There was a time when people never really bothered about Facebook because of the way they were all obsessed with Orkut.

But with the passage of time, Orkut became less wanted until it finally took its place, putting Facebook at the head of everything.

Recent reports across the world from business analysts have stated that Facebook has the potential to beat any other website in the world. Be it social networking or any other platform, Facebook, according to them will be too tough to pin down.

And it is not some very deeply analyzed or calculated stuff – the results speak for themselves. Facebook has still held its position of being one of the fastest growing website in the whole world.

Apparently, Facebook is being compared with another giant, Twitter. The people who say this are hardly aware of the rate of growth in revenue that Facebook has shown as compared to Twitter.

This website is but a portal to share your feelings, but Facebook has now converted itself to a completely new world by that time. The company has been heavily involved with advertising and promotions.

It has also tied up various businesses around the word. People’s browsing history is carefully studied and suggestions and business ads are delivered that way, so as to get most of the users to click on ads from businesses and consequently cause the earnings of the website to increase.

Moreover the application also has a mobile form, also known as Messenger. This also contributes towards adding user headcount and from the point of view of the users, the messenger is useful because it keeps users connected.

There is no way that the company is going to leave any stone unturned in figuring out how to beat even the biggest brand in the world at the moment, Google.

Google, you might think has nothing to do with the website at all, but Facebook does not care about that. It plans to fight Google tooth and nail in getting itself to the top position and in all possibilities, it might just be close enough to doing that in the near future.