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Facebook will support Apple’s Live Photos


Three months back Apple introduced the new update of Live photos with the iPhone 6S, this feature of Apple was so good that many big companies are loving to built in their devices, as for example Tumblr picked the feature just few days ago, and now the most biggest of all the social networking sites, Facebook will be supporting this beautiful feature.

According to the reports, Facebook is rolling out this feature with potential to upload and view Live photos through iOS apps.

As live photos are still new, Facebook is not pushing out the support to anybody else right now. Many users will able to see the pop up of live photos within two days and many users will not be able to see this feature till New Year.

To upload a live photo it is very much similar to upload the users stand still photo. In fact it is identical. To upload a live photo the user will have to choose a photo from their camera roll and a LIVE box will appear in the bottom right , the user needs to tap that box and it will upload as a Live photo.

The user will need to tap the box manually with each live photo and with valid good reason. The live photo takes just 1.5 seconds of video and audio to upload by just taping down the shutter button.

In news feed, live photos will be coming up static images by default, just as photos always would. In the bottom right there will be the same icon as Apple uses to indicate the live photo indicator toggle. On clicking on any of the concentric circles the live photos will be started playing and as soon as the user will lift up their thumb, it goes down to it’s original form.

Only iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus can capture the Live photos but if we talk about Facebook any device which is running on iOS 9 the users will able to use this feature.

The user has to keep one thing in mind while capturing live photos, as live photos can be taken up without any potential sometimes they come up very silly and blurry and sometimes it comes too beautiful also.

So, please share your experiences of Live photos with us, do comment below and also tell us what you guys think which application will be next on list for live photos? Is Instagram next on list ?

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