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Facebook’s Free Basics Without Internet Struggles – Why Are Entrepreneurs Turning The Offer Down?


One of the giants of the social networking, Facebook, will now be absolutely free, which means that anyone who is willing to register for the Free Basics Programme would have Facebook accessibility which would be non chargeable in India.

In order to bring a billion people online in India on one platform, so as to make it easier to access Jobs, entertainment, news, sports, etc, Facebook has campaigned in India for public support for more prospective and a better future.

In this regards 86 percent poll has been recorded in favor of free basics. It has been declared by the honorable Prime Minster of India Mr Narendra Modi that the free version of Facebook and basic internet access is something that everyone deserves which sounds pretty good, especially for the young masses who spend most of their time online.

However, not all is rosy in this picture. Facebook has faced a lot of resistance from entrepreneurs as well.

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) is not yet ready to starts the services. One of the largest Telecom companies in India, Reliance, has been asked hold the application until special approval is received for commencing services.

The polling date on the debate of this service to be actually started up is 30th December. Till date 5.5 lakh to 5.7 lakh comments have been received on Trai.

This Facebook campaign has openly invited each and every telecom service provider to connect India.

The telecom service providers joining in would make sure that more people online can be added.

On other hand Facebook doesn’t pay to Savetheinternet.in which the telecom service providers do.

As per Savetheinternet.in, the free basics concept has bring down huge propensity to the paid data service to bring their tariff rate to a lower cost.

A committee member from the Telecom Ministry Ravi Shankar Prasad has voted against this concept by claiming that it is violating the policies in Net Neutrality.

Facebook has denied this, stating that it is in no way encroaching Net Neutrality.

Some of the entrepreneurs who have turned down the offer from Facebook are Bengaluru based job portal Hiree.com, PayTM, and a few other news sites.

It is unclear as to how far Free Basics will work in India, but the situation seems dicey.

Moreover it appears like it would take some time for these services to get started.