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Facebook’s Mystery App May Be Messenger Redefined For Mac


Facebook has recently been the target of many types of rumors, but right now, the biggest news on the block is the recent news by Techcrunch, about recent developments in the Facebook Messenger.

The application is reportedly being developed for the Mac devices.

This report was inclusive of a picture, which implied that it was that of a Facebook employee using Messenger for Mac.

This picture showed that the messenger included a Mac OSX dock, that further caused discussions to ensue all over the internet about Facebook developing a Mac application.

The Facebook messenger has recently been tagged as the highest growing application in the year.

The App, in terms of growth, has surpassed even its sister application, WhatsApp, which still has about 900 million active users in a month.

The application has become so popular mainly because it deals with the Facebook accounts of users.

No only do you have access to messaging, unlike WhatsApp, you can also send stickers. These can be both static or animated stickers.

The other features that might have endeared the app to the users is the ability to send money to your friends if they are living in the US.

You will be able to see all your friends if they are online and send them messages. Other posts like Facebook status updates can also be viewed here.

Now coming back to what we had heard, the Mac version of the messenger is being looked upon with a little bit of a consternation, because many people in various blogs have contemplated the need of using Messenger on a PC kind of a device.

They say that they’d rather use the website directly, rather than using a messenger.

A lot of people have also been asking why people are even considering a grainy image as a proof of the existence of a software at all.

However, this being the tech scenario, calls for some consideration of rumors, as they invariably end up being true.

Nevertheless we still have to give it a thought, as from the words of Messenger head David Marcus, they are gearing towards making the app more user centric and a great place for professionals as well.