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Facebook’s Parent Company Launches An Avatar Store In A Bid To Monetize User’s Digital Life

Credit: Muhammad Asyfaul on Unsplash

In recent months, Facebook’s parent company Meta has opened an electronic Avatars Store that sells avatar clothing and cosmetics. Users may express themselves in a more creative way by buying clothing for their characters, which will also bring in cash for the corporation.

They’re opening our Avatar Store on Facebook; Instagram, as well as Messenger so people can purchase digital clothing to design your avatar,” Mark Zuckerberg said on his own Facebook profile on June 18, 2022. Digital commodities will be a key method to express oneself inside the metaverse as well as a significant contributor to the creative ecosystem, Zuckerberg said. The CEO of Meta also said that he is looking forward to adding additional brands and bringing the concept to virtual reality, such as Prada; Thom Browne, as well as Balenciaga, among others.

User-created digital avatars may now be used across several social media sites, also including Facebook & Instagram, according to an update by Meta. Users now want their avatars to be the finest representations of themselves, therefore, they may end up searching for unique apparel for their avatars in order to achieve this. With the Meta Avatars Store, customers will be able to expend actual currency to purchase garments in the virtual environment on Facebook, Instagram & Messenger.

Quest 2 owners will soon be able to access Meta’s social vr location, Horizon Home. New Quest 2 release will include the addition of Horizon Home around June 10, 2022, according to Facebook current CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Horizon Home, in summary, will enable users to socialize virtually with one another.

First, Horizon Home customers may pick from one of the pre-built environments, but they may be able to design their personal simulated reality at some point in its development. Meta’s virtual reality component is a way for the company to show Zuckerberg’s belief in tech.