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Fallout 4 or Skyrim not approved with Mods


Unfortunately for some of you Fallout 4 fans out there, Sony will not be offering mod support for the game on PlayStation 4. Gamers have been waiting for them for quite some time, after Bethesda stated that they would release the mods as soon as they are finished with the testing phase.

According to Bethesda – the company responsible for the Fallout game series – the mods are ready but Sony has refused to approve them on PlayStation 4 and mods will also not be available for the upcoming Skyrim: Special Edition game.

At the same time Bethesda representatives have stated that they are searching for other ways to offer mods for PS4 gamers but those also have to be approved by Sony and until then, there’s no way for players to get the game content from Fallout 4 or the upcoming Skyrim: Special Edition.

Bethesda did not offer details about why Sony rejected the mods, but they did mention that Sony did not approve them in the way that they should work – which is to allow users to do anything they want in Fallout 4 and Skyrim: Special Edition.

They also stated that they are disappointed with the decision made by Sony because they invested a lot of time and effort into the creation of the mods. Furthermore, lots of Fallout fans that own PS4 were eagerly waiting for the mods and they were disappointed. They also promised to look for new ways to make user modes available for PlayStation 4 users so that they could play the games.

So there you have it, PS4 gamers will not be getting the supports modes for Fallout 4 but Bethesda is working on finding other solutions and who knows, maybe they will find one soon enough. One that is convenient both for them and for Sony.


  1. The only winner here is Microsoft. Skyrim Legendary Edition might as well be an XO exclusive.

    Here’s one industry professional’s best guess at what transpired:

    Bethesda wanted the soon-to-be-announced mod store to be cross platform. This would allow user’s who buy mods on the one platform to automatically have them available on all other platforms. An obvious win for consumers, but it would allow Bethesda to avoid paying MS and Sony their cut when users buy the mods on PC (or on the web). Bethesda may have even played MS and Sony against one another to sweeten the deal and avoid MS and Sony’s official marketplaces all together.

    Sony rejected the offer, requiring all paid mods used on their platform to go through their official sales channel. MS saw this as an opportunity to strengthen their consumer offering with “exclusive” content, and agreed.

    Please Note: This hypothetical, I don’t have any inside information on this.

  2. Sony isn’t convincing me, as a PC gamer, that I should want their product. Between the obvious rush of no man’s sky to market before it was ready, we now have this. I fear Sony is going to end up being the EA of hardware.

  3. As a PC player, why would you use an obviously inferior system to play any games?

  4. Most people are not related to inanimate, ephemeral things like online articles/blogs. Since you are saying that one is not qualified to comment unless an article is a “relative”, you should not be commenting either. If I am wrong, and you have a truly exceptional family tree, please accept my apology

  5. I don’t think your title is true. I’m sure Sony does want mods. This sounds more like Bethesda is saying fk you to Sony because Sony won’t agree to Bethesda’s demands.

  6. I think we can assume that at a minimum they aren’t giving them the same support that Microsoft has. By all appearances they have both been working hard at this for months, presumably trying to find a workaround for whatever limitations based on hardware/software/Sony-preference. Bethesda found a way and Sony gave ‘em a big ole VETO.

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