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Fallout 4 Russian Gamer Has Sued Bethesda For Leaving Him Jobless And Divorced


Bethesda is evil. First it lures gamers by releasing perfect games that people are crazy about.

Then it makes them wait for seven years before they can launch a sequel. And when finally the sequel is launched, they make it so addictive and wonderful that players cannot leave the console.

This was the case with a 28 year old Russian man from the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk in Russia. He bought Fallout 4 and fell so much in love with it that he stuck to his console for three weeks at a stretch.

Our gaming martyr became so faithful to the game that he forgot his employer’s contract and even his marriage vows.

According to the report, the gamer was so taken up by the storyline and the graphics of the game that he quit going to work in order to play it. Not just this, the gamer reportedly refused to keep in touch with friends and shockingly, even refused to speak with his wife in course of these three weeks.

Consequently, his employer fired him and his wife left him for good.

And guess who he blamed for this? Of course, he blamed the versatile game creator, Bethesda. Instead of taking responsibility for his own actions and his sheer negligence towards his duties as an employee and as a husband, he blamed Bethesda for creating a masterpiece.

He says that if Bethesda had mentioned that the game would be so addictive, then he would not have played it at all.

Issues like these have cropped up in the United States before and in every instance, the courts have actually refused to proceed with the trials any further, by calling the cases baseless.

However, this is the first time that something like this has been presented in the Russian Courts.

The report stated that the user has claimed almost 500,000 rubles which amounts roughly to $7000 to be paid by Bethesda in damages.

It is not clear as to what the reaction of the Russian courts and Russian media would be to this issue.

The lawyer of the gamer has not passed any comment to this but stated that he would see how far the case could be taken.

This is a clear lesson for those who believe that gaming is something that can be taken on a serious note. It should be, only if you are a professional developer.

But if you have a family and a job, or have your studies to do then you have to learn to keep gaming and your personal life in water tight compartments to avoid problems in future.