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Fans Displeased With COC Town Hall 11 Update Break Time Changes; Supercell Considers Amendments


Clash Of Clans town hall 11 updates might have brought a lot of improvements to the game but not all have been very well received.

A few changes, particularly those that dealt with the personal break timings were very strongly criticized in the Supercell forums. Users complained of unfair arrangements in the new time log and demanded fairer policies.

Some users have taken to subreddits as well to make their opinions heard.

The policies regarding personal breaks that were rolled out were more commercial in nature. A bit of user centricity would have been a little more appreciable – its lack thereof sparked an outrage amongst the serious Clash of Clans players. These players generally like to be at the game for hours together; the new update disallowed them to play beyond three hours at a stretch if they had no shield in place. The break time would automatically be reset if players rested 30 minutes without a village guard. Apparently, the above points aside, there seems to be a bug running amok, which tends to reset personal break timers even though the player has really waited the designated break time only.

It is unclear why Clash of Clans maker, Supercell waited this long to respond to the issues raised by the crowd. However increasing numbers of complains might have signaled an impending threat of mass movement into other games of this genre. Finally, the company has given in and decided to make changes. Anouskhkha from Supercell was seen replying to the users on the forums stating that the company was well aware of the problems users were facing, and that the forums and Social media were being regularly followed to understand what went wrong. She also discouraged the use of content creators to express opinions, stating that the forums were always looked into carefully and any new changes would be announced by Supercell directly. Anouskhkha hinted at a possible change in the break time plan and assured that all bugs would be fixed quite soon. Users were asked to be prepared to receive updates for the same.

As of now, the users would need to wait for updates to be rolled out. The process of fixing the bugs is already underway. All players still playing the Legend and Titan leagues would be able to get an hour of extra, free guard time. Those on the champions league would be treated to 30 minutes extra free guard time and others below champion league can expect 15 minutes of extra free guard time to be added.