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Fant4sc FallOut of this World – Gearbest.com Offer


Gearbest.com is one of the largest online retailers from China and on September, it launched a new sales promotion called Fant4stic Fall. The deal will end on September 17, so there are two days left to decide which discounted gadget you should buy.

From 8 to September 12, those who signed up for Fant4stic Fall sale entered to win Category Coupons up to 15% OFF, then in the next day began the Amazing FLASH SALE from $0.01, which will end on September 17. Gearbest is assuring buyers that all promo products are in stock and they will be shipped as soon as possible.

Plus, they have the chance to get free goods, by clicking the “Get it FREE” button to share the invitation, if they convince a friend to register through the shared link and completes a payment, but there’s a catch: the “free” products actually cost a few dollars. For each paid order, you could get a free product that usually costs between $0.01 and $3.00, for two paid orders, they will receive a product priced between $3.01 and $10.00, while for three paid orders, the price of the product they want is up to $20.


In addition, you must check the website daily for “Flash deals”, to take advantage of the biggest price reductions. Currently, you can buy an Ulefone Vienna 4G phablet with 32GB of storage for $139.89 – discounted from $285.36, or a Cube i9 Windows 10 Ultrabook Tablet PC that is sold for $368.99 – discounted from $606.38.

On Gearbest.com, you will also find a $0.99, $2.99, $5.99 or $9.99 zone, where you can find nice stuff.

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