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Finally Oculus Rift Can Be Preordered – On 6th January, 2015


Oculus VR, creator of the Oculus Rift has finally declared the dates when the Oculus Rift can be ordered. The device can be preordered starting 6th January, 2016.

Although Oculus VR has clarified the preorder dates, it has still kept mum about the kind of money you will have to pay for the device. Hoiwever, various sources have confirmed that the company will be tagging the product at almost $1500.

We cannot really trust the sources, unless of course you the word from the horses’ mouth.

The device is a virtual reality headset, which will be light like normal cap you wear. It encloses both eyes, but each eye will draw visuals from a dedicated screen.

You need not plug in headphones externally – the gadget comes with its own set of headphones. The games that you play here obviously, would need to be controlled.

As of now, the Oculus Rift will work with the Xbox controller for all its controlling requirements. Around the second quarter of 2016, Oculus VR will launch their new product, the Oculus touch, which are controllers with enhanced hand pose recognition abilities, that will be able to make your VR experience much better.

The company was rather pleased to announce the preorder commencement. The orders will be accepted starting 5th January, 2016, from 8am Pacific Time. You can order these headsets from Oculus.com.

The company had provided some headsets to developers earlier in 2015 and the SDK 1.0 was rolled out as well. This was done with a view to have more games and apps for VR platform, because the current list of games and apps is rather short.

The SDK that was rolled out focused on features based on the consumer edition of the product, so that it could be worked upon. The company made it a point to ship at least a few developers edition headsets every week till until recently and inputs have started flowing in from all the sources, which has ultimately helped to add finishing touches to the titles that will be featured on the final product.

The consumer version of the Oculus Rift headsets is going to be show cased at CES 2016 in this month. This will be able to guarantee more preorders to the company.

As of now, clarity on when the finished products will be delivered has not been received and it is expected that the device will be able hit shelves by mid 2016, or the Oculus touch would not get platform to be sold.