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Firefox 44 allows websites to send you notifications


Roughly around a month later of releasing the Firefox 43 by Mozilla, the Web Browser manufacturing company has come out and announced the launch and availability of the next Firefox 44 for the platforms such as, Mac OS X, Linux, Windows and Android.

The push notifications have been called the major attraction for the upgraded Firefox.

Now Firefox 44 will make sure that its user does not miss any updates from their favorite websites. Obviously the website will first of all need your permission in order to send notifications in yourway.

Also what makes it great is that the user doesn’t need to have that website open in one of the tabs in order to get notifications from that particular website.

In a blog post, the company wrote that this new feature would be super useful for day to day websites that the users might check frequently for updates such as, weather, email, social networks, shopping and many more. The same feature has long been available in Google Chrome apparently.

Firefox is also using the new updates to bring in some features which are concerned with privacy. The company has explained that cross- site correlations will be prevented by Firefox 44 by giving an anonymous Web Push identifier to every website. The company adds that it is also enhancing the encryption on the payloads.

The developers with Firefox 44, are also said to be getting brand new visual editing and memory management tools. Thanks to the improvements to the animation panel, it has become much easier now to operate the page inspector tool.

With the help of the memory tools, developers will be able to better understand how the allocation of memory to different Web pages is working and how can it be optimized.

For Android, Firefox will now support the Android Print service. The version 44 of Firefox will also prompt the Android users when in private browsing before opening intent URL’s. The company has also stated that improvements have also been made in the tab trays.

Adding to all of that, in the Firefox 44, Mozilla has also apparently removed the support for a cryptographic stream cipher, RC4. In the recent times, a lot of vulnerabilities have been discovered in it. Now you can download and experience the Firefox 44 from the company’s website itself.

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