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Firefox 64-bit for Windows by Mozilla


Mozilla Firefox, also known as Firefox, Mozilla is a web browser developed by Mozilla foundation, it is available for Windows, Android, OS X, Linux and Firefox OS.

It was created in 2002 and till it is known to be the second most popular browser of history.

It is also consider as a spiritual successor of Netscape Navigator as the community of Mozilla was created by Netscape.

Mozilla released this week a version of its 64-bit Windows system that will work on Windows 7 and on other Windows versions as well and this version is available on Firefox all systems page.

According to Mozilla the update will result in the performance for applications and games, the users don’t need to surprise though, if certain sites require a plug-ins that use to work in 32-bit versions will not work in Firefox 64-bit for Windows.

In late October, Mozilla had announced their plans in to end up the support for the aging Netscape Plug-in Application Programming Interface (NPAPI) by the end of 2016.

Overall NPAPI is replaced by advance graphics, streaming videos and graphing features.

Mozilla mainly laid emphasis on user control, that how data is shared in Firefox, users can now block up the additional trackers with tracking protection in private browsing.

It was introduced in early November, Mac, Android, Linux and the Windows based program protects sites from gathering data about users Web activity.

When a user browse in a private window, it helps in blocking up the ads, social share buttons, analytics trackers and other content that may record everything without the users knowledge.

If this is not enough then user has also the option of choosing a strict protection block list, which will immediately stops the additional trackers which are running like mainly those are found in videos, photos and closed or private content.

But apart from all this there is a catch, and the catch is that choosing the privacy option could result in blocking of some sites which a user wants to work on.

Last month, Firefox has broken all the walls by hitting iOS devices worldwide, letting a user to surf the Websites on an iPad, iphone or iPod Touch. Likewise, the Firefox OS Developer preview is also available now which will hit the user operating system too.