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Firefox Experiments With Color & Receives Side View Tool Targeting Multitaskers


Firefox decided to spice things up a little with some new test features that should make things easier for multitaskers and for users who like to tinker with aesthetics.

New Side View feature

The Side View functionality will allow you view a pair of tabs that are side-by-side without you having to open another browser window.

After you click the Side View button that’s on your toolbar, you will be able to pick the tab that you want to see on the side.

This can be one that you already have open or a tab that you have recently closed. You will be able to open a browser link in the sidebar too.

The two tabs are displayed in a mobile view by default in order to maximize your screen real estate, and you can drag the divider to make one tab larger than the other.


The whole thing has a couple of downsides. You will not be able to just drag an open tab over to the Side View button or the sidebar, and the second tab will not have its own address bar.

On the other hand, you will be able to access bookmarks from the sidebar, but when you click on one, it will open that specific page in the main tab.

This is not totally intuitive as you can see for yourself, but still, the Side View functionality is quite neat.

You can tweak the colors and texture from the browser

Another exciting experiment is Color. You will be able to use this to tweak the colors and composition of any part of the browser window in order to create your very own theme.

You will get the chance to share your new look while the browser created some themes to inspire your own creations.

Even if these two tests look fun, there is no guarantee that the features will make it into a full Firefox update.

Mozilla has added some more practical features recently, such as limiting the ways that Facebook tracks your web activity and blocking annoying push notification requests from websites.