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Fitbit Heart Rate Data Could Be Incorrect – Lawsuit Filed By Users


Fitbit, the tech wearable  is facing yet another lawsuit in 2016, this time for incorrectly tabulated heart rate data.

Users who have purchased high-end Fitbit gadgets have come back very strongly to the company and have filed a lawsuit.

Almost all the plaintiffs had just one complaint, and it all stemmed from one source, wrong calculation of the heart rate during workout.

Users who wore the device at the gym got the heart rate and blood pressure levels examined by the personal trainer and found that it was way above what the device was actually showing.

Users are not very pleased about it not only because they spent money to buy a product that would assist them in maintaining their health but also because the incorrect information showed could cause trouble of over strenuous exercise if this rate was to be considered.

Not to mention that users were very annoyed about the device advertising what it was not capable of doing.

The lawyer from the plaintiffs side mentioned to news sources that he was trying to ensure that they get a refund for the products they have bought but the users are hellbent on getting not only the refund but also damages.

Fitbit defended their product lineup stating that both the Surge and Charge HR devices, on which the accusation was based, was very competent to be able to provide data accurately.

The company has previously been involved in a similar lawsuit in 2014 where it was blamed for providing bad quality straps that caused terrible skin rashes and also in a court row with its biggest contemporary and rival, jawbone that claimed that the company was stealing its ideas for developing its technique.