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Focus – The Best Ad Blocker For iOS Download Available With Top Featuers


Mozilla is the latest company to launch an ad blocker for iOS. It bears the name of Focus and is based on several methods to get rid of commercials.

With the release of iOS 9, Apple allowed application developers to anchor in Safari, the platform’s native browser to prevent the display of ads in your favorite web pages. From that moment on, we were assailed with a wide variety of such programs, some more effective than others in this range. The best of them are not free, and Mozilla wants to impress us with a solution as powerful as these ones and completely free.

Focus is new to the Mozilla application that takes advantage of API web content lock from iOS 9. This little program offers significant flexibility when it comes to filtering and defining the type of content you want displayed particular when browsing the internet from your mobile. In addition, users can choose to block all online tracking algorithms used to monitor your pages visited and give you personalized ads.

Initially it was thought that Mozilla will launch this app in November this year and will be called Signal. But it came a month later and wearing a completely different name. Interestingly Focus does not block all advertisements by default, but it has a system based on a black list to block only advertisements and lines of code that represents a real threat to your online privacy and anonymity. The blacklist used is downloaded from Disconnect.me, a browser extension that contains no more than 5,000 trackers, most of them associated with online advertising networks. Meanwhile, Focus knows to identify new trackers that keep track when you skip from one website to another.

Due to limitations imposed by Apple, Focus works only with Safari on iOS, not even with Firefox.

Available on iTunes.