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Ford’s Self Driving Cars Are The Future Of Traffic – Artificial Intelligence In Play


Driving could become a thing of the past, but is it really a good idea to put artificial intelligence in charge?

This is a question that we have been debating ever since we dreamt of having such a technology in place.

A self driving car might make you feel like Aladdin on your four wheeled magic carpet, but there could be risks involved and we might be too excited to calculate them now. Just imagine, your kids being driven to school by the AI driver.

Perhaps an AI malfunction or a system crash could be the perfect technical nightmare in this situation. The car could ram into a truck or drive off into rushing traffic on the free way. No, you never really want that to happen.

Nevertheless, now that we have jumped into uncalculated risks, there is another big development in this area. You favorite car manufacturers are joining hands with Google in this brave (or should we call it suicidal?) venture. Ford has been the first one to volunteer for this move. You next Ford could be a self driven one.

However, it will not be called a Ford. Google and Ford’s hybrids will be legally independent of Ford and will be named differently. It has not been decided as to what the name would be.

A recent report stated that Ford was going to put its Fusion Hybrid technology into test by incorporating it with the self driving cars.

Whether the software will be taken care of by Google here is rather unclear and we are still waiting for more news on it.

Even if the company chooses not to move with Google, the Californian giant will not be effected too much as the company has already been rolling out self driving car software since 2010 and a handful of them are still seen running successfully on Californian streets.

Yahoo Autos reported that this deal was not going to be solely between Ford and Google. Google will still have the rights to sell its technology to other car brands and we have strong feeling that other huge brands like Mercedes or BMW might decide to follow suit and this might go a long way.

Back in February, there was discussion on how Google would try and launch a service where it would make driverless cars available for shared cab services.

This was a plan made to compete with companies like UBER .

The company, Ford, will anyway start testing its self drive cars in 2016.

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