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Fortnite – Here’s Where to Find the Snobby Shores Hidden Treasure


The reason why Fortnite keeps players coming back for more is because of the awesome weekly challenges that Epic Games releases. Week 5 Challenges went live a couple of days ago and the most difficult challenge is finding the treasure hidden in Snobby Shores.

The treasure map is listed up on a wall inside that zone, but you don’t have to risk getting shot in order to take a picture of the map since we will provide you with a step by step guide on how to find it.

Snobby Shores Map

The picture above shows us what the map which is located inside Snobby Shores looks like. As we can clearly tell, finding the treasure is not that complicated since the map makes it pretty clear that the treasure is hidden next to the church in Haunted Hills.

Fortnite players need to head over to Haunted Hills and climb on top of the roof of the building that is located to the left of the huge church. In addition, the building is shaped like an L and the Battle Star is sitting on its roof.

Week 5 Challenges Tips

  • Eliminate Opponents (0/3);

The first challenge speaks for its self and eliminating three opponents is not that difficult. We advise players to grab shotguns because this is the fastest way of taking someone down.

  • Use Rift Portals (0/3);

Just like the previous challenges, the name explains it all. The only thing that players need to do is to walk through the rift portals that are spread randomly over Fortnite’s map.

  • Search Chests in Junk Junction (0/7);

The last challenge is a bit more difficult than the rest because enemies will not simply wait for you to search chests and they will try to shoot you. Therefore, players who head out to Junk Junction to search chests should be on the lookout for snipers.