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Fortnite Is Officially an Olympic Esport – Here’s Everything You Need to Know!


The International Olympic Committee has declared this week that Fortnite will be part of an International Shooting Sport Federation in this year’s Olympic Esports Series.

This implies that 12 competitive Fortnite players are set to compete in a competition that will take place in the game as part of the Olympics.

Though it is a first for Fortnite, the event is probably not going to happen exactly how you would think, considering that it won’t be a battle royale match but rather take place on a special island as a shooting competition of sorts.

In other words, the shooting contest in Fortnite will be just a shooting match, not a battle to the death as the game was meant to be.

Earlier this week, the IOC announced that the esports event would be happening on “a special International Shooting Sport Federation Island” that has been built in Fortnite for this exact situation.

“The competition is set to be an invitational event and will involve 12 players from the Fortnite Champion Series. It will feature an International Shooting Sport Federation Island created in Fortnite, which is designed to reflect sport shooting competition. Gamers will be tested on their target aiming, just as sport shooters wouldbe  in competition,” the IOC shared.

“The latest addition to the #OlympicEsportsSeries is International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) Challenge featuring Fortnite!”

Even if it isn’t what fans of Fortnite would anticipate from an Olympic tournament including the game and certainly isn’t the most fun version we’ve seen, Fortnite is at least still being played in esports competitions, which is a start.

It will be played alongside other games that mimic their real-world equivalents. The esports series will feature 10 different games, Fortnite being one of them.

“Sport shooting and the competition created in Fortnite join archery (Tic Tac Bow), baseball (WBSC eBaseball™: Power Pros), chess (Chess.com), cycling (Zwift), dance sport (Just Dance), motorsport (Gran Turismo 7), sailing (Virtual Regatta), taekwondo (Virtual Taekwondo), and tennis (Tennis Clash) in the Olympic Esports Series, taking place in Singapore’s Suntec Centre.”

People may watch the contests online on the Olympics website, where the Olympic Esports Finals will be aired from June 22 to June 25.


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