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Fortnite Update 3.3 To Be Released Today And Comes With New Changes


Highly teased by Epic Games in recent days, the new Fortnite update 3.3 will finally become a reality today. While waiting for its deployment, the developers gave us all the details regarding the Fortnite 3.3 new changes.

Fortnite 3.3 brings new features in both Battle Royale Mode or Save The World Mode

Whether you’re going to play the ultra-popular Battle Royale mode or the Save The World mode, you will definitely have plenty of new stuff to discover with this update.

However, there is still nothing about the jetpack that has been the topic of many discussions lately.

Currently, Epic Games servers are under maintenance to make room for the new release, Fortnite 3.3.

Fortnite 3.3 new changes

Here are the exact new changes that will be available in Fortnite 3.3.

New changes in Battle Royale mode include:

  • The introduction of remotely controlled explosives – Available in packs of 4, they are found in chests, loot or refueling.
  • The introduction of the supply lamas, scattered in the map and containing random objects.
  • Removing the smoke grenade.
  • Setting up the temporary Blitz mode – the games last for a maximum of 15 minutes with this mode where the storm starts at the start and closes faster. The appearance of chests and so on is greatly enhanced.

New changes in the Save The World mode:

  • A new chapter for Lucky Storm;
  • A new adventurer – the Clover Seeker;
  • Set the basic level of Weapon Mastery at 50 for all heroes, so that low-level players can use high-level weapons when playing on high-level maps;

Fortnite is a very popular game

Fortnite is an RPG game launched by Epic Games in 2017 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

A massive storm came unannounced and destroyed about 98% of the Earth’s population and then waves of monsters wreaked in the way of destroying everything in their path.

The players are among the few survivors who are able to fight against the monsters while defending other survivors.

The game received a very positive feedback from both critics and gamers and reached more than 20 million players in just 3 months after launch.

Today, Fortnite Update 3.3 will be launched and will bring lots of new changes.