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Fortnite Video Game Is What Makes Kids Violent, According To Leonard Sax, An American Psychologist


Just recently, another American psychologist has argued that parents mustn’t give their kids permission to play Fortnite, as the goal of the action is to “kill other humans”.

This is not, admittedly, a novel and substantiated statement, although it comes from Leonard Sax MD who cites reliable sources. Yet it is quite possibly the most preposterous point of view we have witnessed, so far, when it came to video games.

Some people, often politicians, have argued that video games are detrimental to young kids as they are making them violent, unemotional or because they are simply negatively impacting the kids’ school results.

And of course, it is indisputable that over-doing anything is unhealthy and affects the well-being of all, but psychologist Leonard Sax, who has expertise that is based on the mental health of youths, feels that Fortnite is uniquely negative for kids.

Playing video games where the goal is to kill people – games like Fortnite – over time, desensitizes players to violence.

Leonard Sax, MD

Fortnite, Call Of Duty, and GTA are all put together by Leonard Sax and dubbed “dangerous for children”

Basically, even if playing violent video games were to heighten the danger of “desensitization”, it would still be just one of the many that might have such a negative impact, such as wrong social groups and other media, including violent news, violent cartoon, or movies.

Sax, however, thinks that “no child is born wanting to be a great scientist, or a composer, or a teacher, or a businessman. They have to learn something from the scope of human possibility beyond what they see in a cartoon video game like Fortnite.”

Sax has some plausible recommendations, such as giving your kids permission to play video games only after all the homework and schoolwork are done. Well, this is the only fact on which Sax is right, though.

Even though, Sax doesn’t believe that kids should be playing Fortnite, GTA, or Call Of Duty.

Now, if in GTA and Call Of Duty the action is quite explicit and the gore levels could indeed increase pretty much during the in-game action, with Fortnite, the things are different.

In Fortnite you’re shooting invisible bullets and placing boobie-traps while throwing Easter Egg grenades to characters that can even have a fish-like head. Apparently, that’s what makes kids violent, nowadays.