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Fortnite Week 5 Challenges Leaked Ahead of Release Date


The first thing we need to mention about this week’s challenges is that they have been delayed. Epic Games decided to postpone the new challenges until 4am ET/8am GMT on May 31st. The reason why Epic Games delayed the new updates is not because of an unexpected bug or software issue, but because the game developer wants to push back the Weekly Challenge release on Thursdays.

Fortnite Week 5 Challenges Leak

Even though Epic Games does its best to keep the weekly challenges a secret so that it can use the element of surprise and get players excited, many data miners make it their goal to find information about those challenges. With that said, the folks at Fortnite Tracker managed to come across Week 5 Challenges.

Seven Challenges

Fortnite fans should be happy to know that they will be able to complete a total of seven challenges during Week 5. These challenges vary in difficulty, and they are designed to test players skill and reward them Battle Stars in return. Not just that, but players who complete four of the seven challenges will receive a massive bonus of 4000 XP.

Here are the Challenges:

  • Use a jetpack – rewards 5 stars;
  • Follow the Greasy Grove treasure map – rewards 10 stars;
  • Kill three enemies in Lucky Landing – 10 stars;
  • Deal 500 damage with SMGs to enemies – 5 stars;
  • Kill two enemies with a minigun or light machine gun – 10 stars;
  • Search the seven “Gravity Stones” – 5 stars;
  • Search the seven Chests which are located in Dusty Divot – 5 stars.

From the looks of it, Fornite fans are in for a great week! The most difficult challenge seems to be the one where players need to kill three opponents in Lucky Landing. The reason we are saying this is because players need to be really lucky and find a gun as soon as they land.