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Future Looking Brighter For Cardano (ADA) After Roadmap Update


Cryptocurrencies are just like any other product on the market. If there is a feature that appeals to the masses, the company will sell millions of units. In the crypto world, as long as the coin can move quickly and not cost the user or merchant a ton of money, it will get some attention. Of course, Bitcoin is one that is untouchable in the market, but there are smaller digital coins and tokens that are starting to make names for themselves. Cardano (ADA) is just one of them.

Roadmap Update Brings Hope For Future

As we saw with Litecoin, having a plan for the future is a golden ticket to seeing your value increase on the market. However, when you cannot deliver on that plan, users and investors are not going to be happy and your value is going to fall quickly. Cardano has a plan for the future and experts think it will propel the virtual currency to the moon very soon!

The digital coin plans to do this through decentralization and it will get started in the 3rd quarter of this year. The “Byron Phase” is about complete and according to reports, the “Shelly Phase” is about to begin.

ADA Coins And The Paper Wallet

Those that have been watching the roadmap for Cardano in the recent months have noticed that there will be an update to the Paper Wallet as well. Paper Wallets are expected to be introduced on Cardano very soon and that will give users more options when it comes to protecting coins offline.

The overall progress regarding Paper Wallet is around 33 percent, so there is still a little bit of developing to do there. Once complete, users will be able to send, recieve and store their ADA coins offline for longer terms.

Even though Cardano started the year around $1, the cryptocurrency has fallen victim to the market downturn and is now trading around $0.15.