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Galaxy On7 Prime (2018) Full Specs Leak


Samsung holds the title of being the world’s biggest smartphone manufacturer and while Apple or Google might want to compete for that title, Samsung is never going to lose it because it keeps launching high-end devices like no one else does.

The reason why Samsung is being held in such a high regard is because it produces all sorts of smartphones from affordable devices that feature standard specs to top of the line Galaxy S8 and Note 8 premium smartphones.

Galaxy On7 Prime (2018)

A great example that shows us how wide Samsung’s reach goes is Galaxy On7 Prime (2018). As the smartphone’s name implies, Samsung is getting ready to unveil it during 2018 and its scheduled to come out during the upcoming months. Even though the entire world is waiting for Samsung’s Galaxy S9 to be unveiled during the MWC event, Galaxy On7 Prime (2018) is also going to make some waves in the market and let’s see why.

GFXBench Specs Leak

Fortunately for us and other eager Samsung fans, Galaxy On7 Prime (2018)’s full specs have been recently leaked. Moreover, the leak comes as a courtesy of GFXBench. With that being said, let’s check out what type of specs Galaxy On7 Prime (2018) will have to offer.

The smartphone will ship with a 5.5-inches display that features a full HD pixel resolution of 1920 x 1080. Things get even better than this since Galaxy On7 Prime (2018) will be fueled by an ARM Mali-T830 processor which is paired with an OpenGL ES 3.2 graphics processing unit and 3GB of RAM.

Another great thing that Galaxy On7 Prime (2018) will feature is 25GB of internal storage space. While it might sound like a 25GB ROM is not enough, Samsung fans should be happy to know that it can be expanded via a microSD card.