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Game Loot Network Blockchain Plans On Developing A Games Marketplace To Challenge Steam And Apple


In the past year there has been an outburst of business using cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, and, today, Game Loot Network Holdings (GLN) is attempting to tackle the monopoly of Steam and Apple with respect to the PC gaming and mobile gaming marketplaces.

GLN will commence its ICO on May 29th

Game Loot Network Holdings is working to use Bitcoin (BTC) blockchain to develop an innovative and alternative marketplace for games plus a system of rewards for the gamers.

GLN Holdings is presently performing a preliminary sale but plans to conduct an ICO (initial coin offer) starting with May 29th.

The running of the company’s trial resulted in $5 million in trades and attracted 65,000 customers.

Game Loot Network is designed to overcome Steam and Apple game marketplaces

The firm expects that someday their game distribution network, Game Loot Network, will be able to provide an additional option for those already-implemented businesses such as Steam and Apple. Many different groups have attempted to challenge Steam in the history of the games’ marketplaces.

A few other businesses, like GOG, may have even been effective in achieving this, but no one has actually matched Steam in this respect, for example.

GLN, however, is confident that the application of blockchain technology can deliver the leverage it requires to tackle the most mature market participants in the video game industry.

Game Loot Network is also planning on running a platform dedicated to game developers

The firm expects its blockchain technology to deliver a secure and speedy environment for managing transactions, while the company’s cryptocurrency-based Rewards scheme, Loot, will motivate gamers to come back to the GLN game platform.

It is also intended to support the use of cryptocurrency as a way of offering gamers more choices in support of individual game publishers. The firm provides a new platform named Build that will enable game developers to deliver game concepts, storyline ideas and demos to gamers for their feedback and support.

In the end, at this moment, the GLN blockchain faces some difficulties but the company is optimistic it will be able to fix everything before the launch.

Game Loot Network, which plans on releasing a games marketplace based on blockchain technology to challenge Steam and Apple, will commence with its ICO on May 29th.