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Game of Thrones the most pirated show of the year – TorrentFreak Claims:


Game of Thrones has been a sensation right since the year it came out. With a massive fan following, the show has managed to break all barriers and has been shattering records over the years, proving a good book can do wonders. The latest that we hear regarding the show is quite an interesting statistic. The show is not only one of the top shows on TV, but is also a favourite when it comes to illegal downloads and torrents. Ever since its release, Game of Thrones has been among the top shows when it comes to illegal downloads, and while it ranked second to Dexter in 2011, it has since been the most downloaded show in 2012, 2013, 2014 and now in 2015 as well.

The season finale was the one which scored the lead here with over 14 million downloads!

Let us pause for a moment and look at that number. 14.4 Million downloads, which is basically more than the sum of the most popular episode of the second and third most popular shows, combined.  While the Game of Thrones Finale itself witnessed 14.4 million downloads, the second most popular show on this list, AMC’s The Walking Dead managed to get 6.9 million on one of its episode (which is less than half of the GoT finale), and The Big Bang Theory which ranks third managed 4.4 million. Even the combined total will not cross that number here!

While this might be a bad news for the world of content programming, it comes as quite a worrying bit of information for the world of television. As streaming services continue overtaking television and cable programming, torrents and other similar file sharing websites have caused a similar damage to the industry.

Game of Thrones’ season 5 was quite an exciting season, despite a slow build to the finale, the last episode did not disappoint. People always anticipate sudden deaths and breathtaking finales, and that’s exactly what the last episode offered.

Two of the major characters in the show, Jon Snow as well as Stannis Baratheon were allegedly ‘killed’ in the season finale. The most popular question of 2015 has to be ‘is Jon Snow alive!’

Other than these shows, Arrow has been one which has been getting quite a good response from the downloaders community, and CBS’s latest show – Supergirl also was frequently downloaded.