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Gamecaster from Razer – The Easiest Games Streaming System


There are many ways today through which you can stream gaming sessions online, but with Gamecaster however, Razer tries another approach.

If you have followed in recent years the internet gaming sessions, live or recorded, it is likely that those were made using basic applications like YouTube Gaming or Twitch. Unfortunately, the system configuration is not one of the easiest for those apps, you will be pleased to know that now there is a solution. Given that the latter is provided by Razer, a giant in the IT industry when it comes to gaming peripherals, expectations are very high.

The new Gamecaster is part of the Razer Cortex applications family and is presented by the developer as the easiest to use app in terms of streaming. “Razer Cortex: Gamecaster does not require any technical knowledge to use, making it an incredibly convenient software for live-streaming, one created specifically for gamers. Combinations of keys provide instant access to basic functions such as broadcasting, local recording, screenshots and webcam enabled at any time during a gaming session. ”

As a new component of the Razer Cortex suite of applications, Gamecaster is currently in a period of limited beta. The final version of the application will reach the general public on January 28, 2016. Until then, gamers can enter the closed beta site using their web address without any guarantee that it will be accepted.

After the official launch, Gamecaster will be available in two versions. If you limit yourself to a 720p video stream, the service will be free. Optionally, you can switch to Full HD 1080p, but you have to tolerate a discreet watermark. The pro version of the service with more features and no watermak, will cost $ 40 per year or $15 for 3 months. The Pro version also comes with more features, so if you are among those who earn money in these areas, it would be good to invest some dollars.