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Gboard Go Available on Android 8.1 Smartphones


Android 8.1 Oreo was released about two months ago in 2017 and since then Android Go, for low-power smartphones has been its equivalent. This lightweight configuration is sued for constrained Android mobiles and it contains a set of “Go” apps. Among the “Go” apps, there is Gboard Go, an app which brings the Gboard keyboard to Android users.

More on Gboar Go

The equivalent of Gboard, it has the same keyboard options as Android 8.1 and it looks the same visually. There are also the most important features such as integrated search, swipe typing and themes.

Differences between Gboard Go and Gboard are the lack of GIF search; there are no tickers and no features that could eat up body memory and mobile data. A big difference is the memory consumption, 40MG Gboard Go and 70MB Gboard.

Requirements to install Gboard Go

Those who are interested in installing this app will require a phone running on Android Go, more specific Android 8.1 This means a Pixel or Nexus device with very low RAM amounts. Another option would be modifying the device’s build.prop, but it might not be worth the trouble.

Android 8.1: features and changes

Android Oreo has been released a few months ago and then, a new build has been created to introduce new features and some needed fixes. Android 8.1 contains bug fixes and some new features:

  • Apps notifications can now be muted or restricted to only one notification chime per second;
  • The fingerprint reader can disable the device is an unregistered fingerprint is attempting to open the device multiple times;
  • Safe Browsing allows apps to detect WebView attempt and prevent malicious URLs;
  • Battery: when users have the Bluetooth on, they will be able to see how much power they have left from the Quick Settings shade.