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Gears of War 4 with the RAAM Emergence Pack Available


Gears of War 4 fans are in for a surprise as General RAAM is now up for grabs thanks to the newest Gear Pack. The good news doesn’t end here as more Mega Packs are also available.

The latest Gears of War 4 Pack is the RAAM Emergence Pack, so all fans, rise, as General RAAM has emerged to dominate the whole battlefield!

This pack offer players the chance to add RAAM to their collection, as well as Kantus and Savage Kantus. Gamers will also enjoy some brand new RAAM and Corpser weapon skins and more surprises.

GoW 4 April Gear Packs

Apart from this RAAM Emergence Pack, Gear of Wars 4 also offers new Mega Packs featuring more cards than the usual standard 5-card pack. The packs consist of a larger pool of 10 cards and the Mega Packs (including the RAAM pack) include the following content:

  • You’ll get a guaranteed character from the Pack Collection (in this case, the RAAM Emergence Collection).
  • You’ll get the chance of finding up to three characters included in the collection in one Mega Pack.
  • You benefit of a smaller chance to find duplicate weapons or characters compared to having two individual Gear Packs.
  • You’ll also be able to enjoy a bonus RAAM Emergence Weapon Skin card or you’ll have early access to Bernie Mataki on top of the 10 cards you’ll find in the Mega Pack.

You can purchase the standard RAAM Emergence pack at 2000 credits or $5, and you can get the RAAM Emergence Mega Pack for $10 or $25 for a bundle of three.

Get your favorite now, and don’t forget to let us know if the General has joined your side!