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GeForce Experience Bug on Windows 10 Software Fix


GeForce Experience is an awesome tool that is designed for people who love playing video games. However, there’s a new bug which is making GeForce Experience users go crazy. The bug we are talking about is causing the tool to show a black screen instead of the normal UI. Worth mentioning is that this bug occurs on Windows 10.

The interesting thing about this bug is that even though Nvidia’s official forum is filled with complaints from users, Nvidia has not released an official statement about it. On the bright side, GeForce Experience users who are being faced with this black screen issue can take matters into their own hands and fix the bug by following the upcoming instructions.

Integrated Graphics

The first fix that GeForce Experience users to need to do is to try running the app with integrated graphics. This fix is proven to remove the black screen bug and it will make the app run as its intended to.

  • Right click on the GeForce Experience icon and put the mouse over the “Run with graphics processor” option and then select “Integrated graphics”;
  • GeForce Experience should now launch without a black screen and people need to click the “Driver” option and then select the “download” button which make sure all drivers are up to date.

Rolling Back the Graphics Driver (Integrated)

If the first fix didn’t work, then make sure to try rolling back the integrated graphics driver. This can be done by pressing the Windows Key + R at the same time which will open the “Run” command. Now, type in the following “devmgmt.msc” and press “Enter”.

The following steps will open “Display Adapters” and that’s where people need to right click their integrated graphics card and choose “Properties”. The next step requires people to click on “Driver Tab” and select the “Roll Back Driver” option.

After the driver has been rolled back, GeForce Experience users need to search for the latest version of their card online and manually install it.


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