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Genshin Impact Update: Sumeru Leak Reveals That A Brand-New Major Region

Genshin Impact

Once each six to seven weeks, new unique characters are added to Genshin Impact according to the game’s strict update schedule. There are two banner cycles with each update that feature a distinct selection of restricted characters and weaponry.

It has just been confirmed that a brand-new big area called Sumeru will be included in a future version of Genshin Impact. Every time a new country is added, it introduces a wealth of fresh material and personalities to the game.

Sumeru Characters from Genshin_Impact_Leaks

Seven more characters are expected to be added to Genshin Impact in the forthcoming updates, according to a fresh leak. Tighnari; Collei; Dehya; Alhaitham; Nilou; Dori; and Kusanali are the heroes. Genshin Impact Ver 3.0 is expected to include three of those seven characters. One of the edition’s banners will feature solely Tighnari, the lone five-star hero. It’s not hard to guess that his odd name is inspired by a famous Arab scientist by the name of Al-Tighnari, especially when you understand that Sumeru is modeled on an actual place in the Middle East.

Opponents are plunged into a “state of chaos” by Tighnari’s Dendro blast, dropped by him using his elemental talent. Tighnari’s Level 2 Charged Strike takes less time to fully charge, whereas this field is operational. When he unleashes his elemental burst, he may “collect the strength of all seeds” and unleash lethal arrows that inflict Dendro damage on his opponents. Archery damage extends to neighboring enemies as soon as it hits a target.

Collei, a Dendro user, is the second individual to be introduced in the patch. Since she appeared in the original manga for Genshin Impact, a lot of details have been revealed about this different character. It is possible for Collei to hurl a boomerang that delivers Dendro damage because of her elemental talent. With an elemental eruption of her own, she drops her robotic cat partner, and it bursts. Dori, a new Electro protagonist, hasn’t been revealed yet, but she’s scheduled to appear in the next season.