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Get Internet From The Laptop – Transform Your Notebook Into a Router


One of the most popular functions of a smartphone is the ability to share a data connection with another device, useful feature if a friend needs to connect to the internet, but does not have Wi-Fi coverage or exceeded his data traffic.

Few know that a similar function is also available on the OS provided by Microsoft for PCs and laptops, starting with Windows 7. It is no wonder, since the virtual wireless adapter option is hidden within the operating system and, with Windows 8, it can be activated only by Command Prompt commands. To use this function your laptop needs to have a wireless network card, which is available on all devices sold in the recent years.

To avoid having to resort to complex settings in Windows menus or Command Prompt, you can use a completely free utility, simple and intuitive. Its name is Virtual Router and is available on the web.

After downloading the .msi file, just install the application and run it. The program has a very simple and intuitive interface. At this point you just have to do some settings. The Network Name (SSID), the name for the Wi-Fi network you are creating and enter a password in the Password field for this network. The password is encrypted with WPA2 protocol, the most popular and safe protocol available now.

Finally, in the field Shared Connection, choose the internet connection that you want to share with other people. All you have to do is click the Start button in Virtual Router.

Connecting to the Internet such a connection is very simple, since the operation is similar to connecting to any Wi-Fi connection. From your phone’s settings, access Settings menu – Wi-Fi (exact name may vary on phones and OS), look up the Wi-Fi network previously created and enter your password.

After launching a virtual Wi-Fi connection, the Virtual Router application displays you a list of devices connected to it, whether it is a smartphone or another computer. Also in this window you can always stop the wireless connection previously created when you no longer want to share it with other people. For this, all you have to do is click the Stop button.

This method, virtually turns your laptop into a wireless router, a useful option when, for various reasons, you do not have a router or the one you have is broken.