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Get PUBG Exhilarating Battlefield on your Mobile Phone


The PUBB mobile game is a shooter that managed to captivate numerous gamers so far. The game brought an exhilarating experience for all users, and the action was good enough to entice them. However, the app is only available in China at the moment.

If you are living in another side of the world, you should know that there are some other ways to get PUBG on your Android or iOS device. Here is how you can do it.

Get the right version

First of all you should know that Tencent, the publisher, has two different versions of the game. However, it is important to know the difference between these two, as they are not the same. You want to download the PUBG Exhilarating Battlefield.

There are a few differences between PUBG Mobile and the PUBG PC version, but those differences are usually there in order to make the game easier to play on a mobile device.

Get PUBG on iOS

In order to download the PUBG game on an iOS device you can use the App Store. However, things are a bit tricky. First of all you have to go to Settings and sign out of your Apple account. Before you do that try to backup all your data.

Now, go back to Settings and create a new iCloud account. Verify the email address, then go to the App Store and log in to your account. When you have to select your region choose China. Now you should be able to find the game on the App Store.

Get PUBG on Android

Downloading PUBG on Android is even more simple. First of all you will need to download the TapTap application and there you have to search for PUBG. You should find it there and you can download it.