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Get Vidmate and Watch Millions of YouTube Videos and Songs for Free


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When it comes to watching online videos, there’s no other streaming platforms such as YouTube. Truth be told, YouTube is unique and no matter how much other companies such as Vimeo try to recreate its success, they will never be able to. The reason why YouTube is so special is because all its content is user based and because of its awesome community.


YouTube somehow managed to find the secret on how to get entertainers, content creators, musicians and so on to produce content and upload it only on its website. Therefore, people who love entertaining themselves with videos should already be pretty familiar with what YouTube has to offer.


One of the most annoying things about YouTube is that it doesn’t allow people to download any videos. The community has been asking for a download button for a couple of years now, but fortunately other app developers are seeing this as an opportunity. Take for example Vidmate and its ability to take down any YouTube video in a matter of seconds.

The folks who created Vidmate are saying that the only reason they did this is because they were annoyed with the fact that YouTube is not allowing them to download videos. Furthermore, Vidmate does exactly just that. People who install Vidmate on their Android powered smartphone will be able to download any YouTube video and watch it online.

Endless Supply of Videos and Music

As everyone already knows, YouTube is filled with millions upon millions of videos. The fact that Vidmate enables people to download them means that every Vidmate user is never going to run out of new content to watch. Another cool thing about Vidmate is that it ships with a built-in Mp3 converter which allows people to expand their music library for free.