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Getflix vs. Netflix – The Perfect Solution Based on Geographical Location


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When it comes to digital entertainment there aren’t many services that manage to dominate the industry quite like Netflix. However, people that aren’t living in the United States or people from the US that travel usually find it a bit inconvenient to use Netflix. The service has some pretty annoying quirks outside of the US, the most annoying being the fact that it just isn’t available in many places outside the US. This can be quite the bummer, especially if you pay for the service only to realize that you won’t be able to enjoy your money’s worth when traveling or going abroad.

Introducing Getflix

A pretty neat solution for this problem is getting a Getflix subscription. Don’t know what Getflix is? Well, no one can blame you but surely you have an approximate idea based on its name. Getflix is a service that makes Netflix available through a process that reroutes internet traffic to unblock streaming channels.

The short version of it is that it helps you watch Netflix even when you’re not at home. You can even get a lifetime subscription for a rather reasonable price, and it will let you enjoy your favorite shows and movies from anywhere in the world. There are other means to achieve this such as using VPN services but that method is often time messy and harder to use, not to mention that it will cripple your browser speed. That’s a big problem especially when you’re trying to stream HD or UHD content and need as much speed as you can muster.

Complete access and freedom

The cool thing about Getflix is that it gets you access to all streaming channels you will need to enjoy your content. So if you’re using this service you can pretty much assume that you will be able to access your entire catalogue or preferred shows on Netflix. It lets you access more than 50 nodes for VPN, which brings enough variety in that sense to the table.


Usually, people just want to be able to enjoy what they pay for so having to install additional software can feel really cumbersome. However, with Getflix you don’t have to install any additional software, you just start using right away. You can also use it on all your devices, so you won’t be limited in that sense which is great.

As mentioned before, Getflix offers a lifetime subscription for a pretty cheap price so it would be a shame not to take a look at the offer at least. There’s an offer for Getflix over here if you’re interested in acquiring this  Netflix assistant for whenever you’re out of town.