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Glide Video Messages Now Supported by Android Wear


Glide is a messaging app that allows you to send messages across to uses over the Internet for free.

Apart from sending messages you can also make small video recordings and send them across.

Glide will now be supported by Android wear. Android wear watches were not supportive of any sorts of video calling message software, because they lacked speakers.

However, with the Marshmallow update the Android watches have started supporting video messages as well this is restricted to those phones that have speakers.

The only two Android devices that are known to have speakers at the moment are Huawei watch and Zen watch 2.

The recent Android Marshmallow 6.0 update was designed to support the Android wear devices.

This is a big advantage because with the Android wear it is not simple to type messages on the small watch face.

Google Hangouts already had the feature available and messages could be typed and replies could be sent across without having to access the smart phone.

But while you are on the road it is difficult to reply to messages while driving.In such cases it would be really helpful if you could send me the voice replies all replies to video calls through the watch.

The software that would help you to do this if you are using one of the two watches mentioned above would be glide. For other watches as well this could be possible but you would have to make use of headphones.

With the help of this feature and with live video chat messenger, Communications would become more simple.

Simply installing the software on your device would allow your Android wear to be able to intercept the video messages that come in and you can reply to them as well.

The only thing here that would be the front is that you would not be able to reply with you. You would able to reply with Message only.

The guide video messenger update would be available to the Android users from the Google Play Store starting today.

In case you have not used this software before then you should download it from the Google Play Store. It would be easy to use and would not take up to much disk space.