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Gmail APK Download Features Under the Hood Improvements


Gmail offers the best email services in the entire Android ecosystem and its completely free to use! Google made sure to pack this app with many features which are specially developed to make it easier for users to check their mail, messages and to respond to them. Even though Google equipped Gmail with numerous features, the best thing about the app is the constant support it receives.

Gmail APK Update

As previously mentioned, Google makes sure that Gmail receives all the support it needs. The Android parent never stops from updating Gmail with bug fixes, under the hood tweaks and new features which improve its overall performance. In fact, Google recently published a brand-new APK for Gmail.

The APK (Android Package Kit) update weighs in at 19.38MB and it requires a minimum of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system. This update is focused on fixing bugs and preventing other malfunctions from happening in the first place. Therefore, Gmail users should hurry up and update the app if they want it to perform better.

Ample Storage Space

If there’s one thing that separates Gmail from other email apps, is the fact that it offers ample storage space. Usually, people need to decide between keeping old messages or deleting them to free up space.

This is not the case with Gmail since it also gives users the option to archive old messages and to keep them safe. Moreover, Gmail features 15GB free across all accounts. Users who require large amounts of storage space can also purchase additional space.

Spam Filtering

Another cool feature that sets Gmail apart from other email services is its clever spam filtering system. The app uses a special system that’s able to detect spam messages or viruses and it automatically filters them.